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techno mixtape giveaway from Neurodriver

yeah, sugar B's time to switch up that beat. It's time to get into a techno groove.  If you're into progressive House Music definitely check this one out.  I'm sure there's something for you to like.

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Broken Robot label manager and former FAR TOO LOUD-er Dom Smart aka NEURODRIVER is back with two exclusive new dancefloor destroyers.

As the name suggests, 'Battledroid' is a heavy-duty, mechanoid juggernaut of a tune, with relentlessly thumping drums and an industrial-strength bassline, interwoven with trademark acidic bleeps and acid tweaks. Not for the faint-hearted!

Trompeta' repesents a departure from Neurodriver's usual techy-breaks output, and marks his first forey into the dark and murky world of techno, albeit with his trademark hard-hitting production and tangy acidic edge. The track is an epic journey through swirling soundscapes, which gradually builds tension until eventually reaching a frenetic climax.

1) Ace Ventura – Rebirth
2) Neurodriver – The Depths
3) Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes – Roll Player (Hedflux Remix)
4) NHB – Going Down
5) Neurodriver & Atomic Drop – Untitled
6) Neelix & Potter – Lewd Behaviour
7) Lee Coombs – Light & Dark (Neurodriver remix)
8) Neurodriver – Trompeta
9) Neurodriver feat. Messy MC – In The Shadows
10) Neurodriver – Battledroid
11) Andrey Mute & Jellyfish – Bora Bora (Beatman & Ludmilla remix)

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