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brand new House Music DJ Dance Videos

I can't believe it's already Thursday and I'm not done planning my weekend.

What will you be up to?

Have I told you how fabulous you guys are?  Well you're all that and a bag of chips.  Yesterday I asked you lovely's to send me videos and you did.

I will be posting them here for your viewing pleasure.

First up Elite Force sent a video of him tearing down the hoUSe @ Spain's Winter Festival last weekend.  He sure knows how to rock a party.  You will get hyped up to go out watching this one. The music in the video are previews of the upcoming MOTORSTORM : APOCALYPSE game for the PS3. There will be a series of extended mixes of these available April/May 2011 and the game itself is released on March 15th in Europe.

This next video is for FRESH brand new just released 'Sun & Moon', the first single from Above & Beyond's second artist album 'Group Therapy'. And a special tidbit that makes you appreciate the song even more: “Sun & Moon is really ‘Alone Tonight’ part 2. It’s a break-up song, but with a twist, namely the idea that even though relationships end in the physical world they live on in your memory forever" How cool is that? The poet in me is moved. 

We're gonna wrap up this post with a fantastic video from one of House Music's pioneers = DJ Jesse Saunders Recorded Live from the Electronic Music Cafe in ART of the DJ on February 5, 2011.  You get to watch him throw down on the turn tables and see how he does his thang.

Peace & Love

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