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House Music Videos & FaceBook

Happy humpdAy sweetLips!

I was just looking at our FaceBook tab over on the sidebar and you guys are freakin Gorgeous!  I mean just go look.  I'm sending kisses to you All. If you haven't yet, go check it out and you guys can interact with each other on the FaceBook page. 

Today I'm in the mood for videos. yeah vidEOs! Keep sending me your new videos. I wanna see more. All right let's go on a trip

The first one is a brand new cool ass track from The Transnational Dubstep compilation. The video is a funky acid trip.
Bandish Projekt - Brown Skin Beauty (Liquid Strangers Astral Abduction Remix)

Now let's switch things up to a more vocal groove with Studio Apartment Ft. Rae - 'Your Words'. This one dropped in Jan of 2010.

Let's do another video featuring the vocals of Rae this time a collaboration with Sandy Rivera from 2009 called Persuasion.

Here's a funky dance tune that meshes percussion and trumpet into the mix.
Naguale - Get Up

Ok now I'm going to take you in a completely different musical direction but the video animations are absolutely stunning. You must see.
The Shapeshifters - Helter Skelter

njoy the trip.  Have u seen these vids before?

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