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What is Classic House Music?

I love House Music. I love finding new gems as well as old greats that bring back wonderful memories of good times.

House Music has been around since the early 80's but I see alot of songs from the late 90's being labeled as Classic House Tunes.

Any tune over 15 years can be called a classic in my personal opinion. You can read more about it HERE. There's a short list of popular House songs dating back 10 and 15 years back to put in context for you. Let me know how old you think a tune needs to be before its allowed the grand title of CLASSIC. Just leave it in the comments section.

You can listen to my all time favorite Classic House tune Bango by Todd Terry HERE.

If you're into Classic House you can learn all about how Jack was born into House Music. HERE. The post is Part I of Jack's influence in House Music.

And if you are truely on a sentimental journey go check out my sidebar and feast your ears on some of the greatest House Music Classics.

Enjoy yourself.

Peace & Love

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