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Meet Jack the King of House Music

If you're into House Music you have heard the term JACK sprinkled all over it.
This post is Part I ~ the beginning of Jack.

Where did Jack come from?

Jack originated in the birthplace of House Music = CHICAGO. It's one style of dancing House Music. I know you have heard the saying: House Music makes you want to Jack your Body. One of the primary elements in house dancing is a technique that came from Chicago that involves moving the torso forward and backward in a rippling motion, as if a wave were passing through it. When this movement is repeated and sped up to match the beat of a song it is called jacking, or "the jack.

So song and dance developed together to create something special, the HOUSE MUSIC MOVEMENT of Jack.

Many of the songs that defined the Chicago house music sound were released by DJ International Records and Trax Records. Beginning with Chip E.'s "The Jack Trax" featuring the songs “It’s House” and “Time to Jack”, which used complex rhythms, simple bassline, sampling technology, and minimalist vocals.

In 1985, Trax released "Jack the Bass" and "Funkin' with the Drums Again" by Farley Jackmaster Funk. In 1987 came the "White Knight Jacks", "Gonna Jack". In 1988 Adonis with "Do you Wanna Jack".

The next Jack post will take you on a journey into the 90's with Jack.

But right now it's time to enjoy some old school JACK borne in Chicago from the union of Dance & House Music . . .

Chip E - Time to Jack(1985)

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