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Extreme Calabria Remix Netherlands Style

Hello again my house head junkies. I just had to share this wonderful video I came across today. It's an extreme remix of several Calabria song versions and not only is that a wonderful thing but the video features jump dancing. I give props for any dancing but you must see and enjoy this for yourself.

My favorite is the dude dancing in the laundry room. It just goes to show that when the urge to dance is strong you will do what it takes. Next fav. is the dude going off in his room with the lights from the pc. How many times have you done this? Ha ha that's OK no one is looking.

Have a fabulous day!

luv n kisses

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Lucy Dee said...

A House music blog?!?!? You read my subconscious mind!! I love...love...LOVE House music. Where have you been all my life?

Can't wait to see what you have to offer in terms of latest tracks and cool websites. I can offer you a TON if you're open and willing. I'll drown you in sites and artists!

Super happy to find this blog!