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Party time = Mixtapes / Remixes / Bootlegs / Singles

What's up SweetLips?!
I'm in the mood to party and you are going to get so hype when you check out the goodies I have for you today.

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Arty Vs. TV ROCK & Hook N Sling Feat. Rudy - Diamonds Around The World (ImanoS Edit)
I love this song.  This one is for the clubs = the big dance floors. Made to move you. In celebration of DJ Imano reaching 1000 followers on Twitter he's giving away "Diamonds Around The World" Edit to the truest househeadz of all.

Victoria Wilson James VS Waterson ~ Deep In Vogue (Radio Edit)

Legendary Soul II Soul front-woman Victoria Wilson James and underground electronica act Waterson have joined forces to celebrate the legacy that is Malcolm McLaren and his 80's club smash 'Deep In Vogue
I am loving this Honey Dijon & Sebastian Manuel Mix. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!

Artist Mod Sun who is on US tour with Shwayze & Cisco recently released this mixtape titled Blazed By The Bell .

Artist G-Eazy also on US tour with Shwayze & Cisco recently released this Doo-Wop inspired mixtape titled: The Endless Summer.

G.N.B.N -Tonight

Boys Noize - Arcade Robot (Sound Remedy Remix)

Jason Shark - We Are Friends (Kiva Remix)

From the JS Peeps:  With his brand-new release on Green Mono Music Studio, "We Are Friends", Jason Shark unleashes a vicious four-by-four anthem that will definitely set dance-floors ablaze. This Kiva remix of "We Are Friends" embodies elements from techno and progressive house and that is why you should expect some thundering riffs and heavy bass to rain down in full-force! The original mix of "We Are Friends" is something you just cannot take in lightly. Massive kicks, bone-breaking bass, and not to mention, crisp synth plucks - all perfectly combined to bring out one ground-shaking break down!

I've just hooked you up with some very different sounds.  Remember to make up your OWN gd mind.  Never let anyone dictate what you should like.  Dance & be free my loves.

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