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new Break Beats jointz & mixtape from 214

1. Eye Thoughts
2. Inside The Chamber 
3. Lament 
4. No Route 
5. Eye Thoughts (Mr Atomic's Blender Edit) 
6. Eye Thoughts (Exzakt Remix)

Freebie from the Album 214 Lament
From the 214 Peeps:
Seattle-based auditory guru 214 slams the underground electro scene with his newest 6 track EP entitled "Eye Thoughts". An explosion of distorted breaks swim amid a sea of sounds that seem to stem from broken children's toys. The title track is a subtle nod to the industrial era of the mid 90s, boasting a phased snare amidst gloomy strings singing a compelling progression. Remixes from Exzakt and 'Outside Recordings' head Mr. Atomic underscore the tune perfectly, providing tastefully re-imagined versions to the mix. "Inside the Chamber" and "No Route" provide the bouncy, upbeat antithesis to the shadowy and aptly named "Lament", concluding this release with proper variety.

To sit at a table set with the sounds of 214 (TwoFourteen) is to be served Hungry-man portions of honey-buttered electro beats, side dishes of synth-line treats, and dollops of IDM-get-down.Like most musicians, Chris Roman's path is rooted in a veritable melting pot of sounds. Some of the influences are obvious. Others not so much so.

His Puerto Rican birthright and Miami upbringing ring apparent when he's pumping out sci-fi roller disco sounds, but when his vibe turns to the cold dark comfort of Detroit-esque minimal mind funk, it would seem this man forgets from whence he came. It's a memory lapse that sounds like a lapdance in the side room of a space ship. More importantly, it's a memory lapse that works. It's not so much a lapse then as a love of diversity, a creative finesse with a variety of good tastes.

214 effortlessly blends lush Latin roots with robo-transformer trips, always maintaining a skillful balance between the nasty, the not-right, the cold, hard, and just-right - all at the same time. He's got plenty of tricks up his proverbial record sleeve. And he's been pulling them out for years now.

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championrecords001 said...

Love the deep bass, and the whole 'sci-fi' groove to it all. Definitely needs to be amplified.