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New Music: Dubstep from KANEDUBSTEP - Seizure EP & Giveaway

Happy Thursday sweetLIps!

I'm chilling in my pj's today as an act of pure rebelliousness.

I know not everyone who loves House Music is into all it's sub genres but will not be denied. i LOVE it all. Sometimes I'm in the mood for something hardcore and super crunchy to get me motivated. Especially when I'm writing.

Today I got a preview for Kanedubstep's new album titled Seizure which is out now and I am loving it. My fav joint on there is Always Will (The Psychotic Murmur). I find the blending of all these different elements: spoken word, re-verb, bass, drums,etc. very pleasing.

This a great case study for new producers/artist who often get stuck and hold the same tempo for too long causing massive boredom. Take a listen, open your mind to new possibilities and enjoy.

You can preview the songs on the soundcloud player where they have also provided a free download. See the last track.

KANEDUBSTEP - Always Will (The Psychotic Murmur) Lung Filler Records

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