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new Progressive House Music & Mixtape from Darin Epsilon

What's up Sugar B's????!!!

Did I wake u up? I'm in a silly mood today while listening to music from my treasure box = inbox. I'm impressed with the talent I'm hearing. It's a beautiful thing when an artist gives his heart & soul to their craft. It tickles my soul and makes me feel good. So let me share some of that with you.

I'm listening to Darin Epsilon and his latest single Samaritan Life. Listen to the Thomas Penton remix and grab yourself a new mixttape.


Darin Epsilon - Samaritan Life - [Nueva Digital]

01. Samaritan Life (Original Mix)
02. Samaritan Life (Fine Taste Remix)
03. Samaritan Life (Thomas Penton Remix)

PERSPECTIVES Episode 046 (Part 1) - Darin Epsilon

01. Paolo Mojo - Play Your Hand (Andre Sobota Remix)
02. Dosem - Urban Forest (Rework)
03. Roger Martinez - Deep Down (Sebastian Davidson Remix)
04. Pirupa feat. Baz - Clarity of Love (Instrumental Mix) (DE Edit)
05. Dosem - Mauro (Rework)
06. Quivver - Orgazoid (Mix 1)
07. Quivver & Anthony Pappa - Sofastar DJ's (Original Mix)
08. Medway & Dansor - Bueno (Silinder Remix)
09. Den Ishu - Expand Your Mind (Original Mix)
10. Oliver Moldan - Fainting Goats (Highland Brothers Inc Remix)
11. Nick Warren - In Search of Silver (Structures Edit)
12. Anthony Pappa & King Unique - Vamoosh (Original Mix)
13. Nick Warren - In Search of Silver (Ambient Mix)

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