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new Electro party tune from the 3D Criminalz

ja watcha up2? I'm bumpin this crazy hype electro joint called Put It On by 3D Criminalz. It's a fun uptempo, extra crunchy party joint with a catchy hook.

from the peeps:
'....are you tired of wearing the same on clothes and going to the same old shows.......???'

3D Criminalz debut worldwide on Sketch Records with this undeniable floor shaker - proudly crowd-pleasing and crowd-teasing, this peak-time full frontal will seriously knock 'em dead ! With a wink here and there along the way, 3D Criminalz set speakers alight with this squelching, belching Fidget fire-starter ! GET ON IT NOW !!!!!!!!

Heavy Duty Brothers do full justice to their name with this heavily rave-influenced hands-aloft blinder of a remix ! Having released on Ho-Ju, Big Poppa, Sick Recordings and Nu-Style to name but a few, these guys know how to deliver ! Thikk phat bass lines squidge left and right while huge breakbeats power forward, rushing the stage for the HUUUUUUGE breakdowns - save yourselves, as this remix is so big, it's about to topple over and crush us all.....!!!!!

'Yo Rossco........... take control !' Raw warehouse energy keeps this remix pumping as it navigates the dark corners of negative equilibrium - with releases on BlocBeatz, Filthy Bitch, WoNKed, Jack Knife, Champion Beats and more, Rossco is captain of the ship as we jump onboard for a Fidget-focused voyage into the night.....

Topping off this release is Nu Raverz total bass workout - low slung and pavement-scraping, but at the same time jumping up all over your grill from start to finish, this big bouncing Electro basketball demands you take the shot !

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