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I'm Back w/a Mixtape from D.O.N.S.

Hello my sweet thangs, how r u?

I know it's been a while right?! but I left you with plenty of goodies to play with on this blog from the old school to the new.
Just like you, I've been running around town, getting things done. Doing what I gotta do.

So are you ready to dance to something new?
I sure am so let's set it off with an hour long mixtape session from D.O.N.S. This mixtape is freakin fabulous! It's outta control it's so good. You won't be able to stop dancing. AND you can grab it from the player playa.


D.O.N.S. In The Mix #102 September 4th. week 24.09.2010

01. Kid Culture, El Mundo & Satori- Gotta Help (Original Mix/D.O.N.S. Edit) 00:00-04:45
02. Anthony Acid & Method Man- Hit & Throw (Muzzaik Remix) 03:46-08:16
03. Daniel Dubb- Bring The Heat (Original Mix/D.O.N.S. Edit) 07:16-13:16
04. Laserkraft 3D- Nein, Mann ! (Acapella) 08:12-09:50
05. Gary Beck- Get Down (Original Mix) 11:46-18:31
06. Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner - Animal Rights (Original Mix/D.O.N.S. Edit) 17:16-21:47
07. Djedjontronic- Bit This Thin (Original Mix) 20:46-25:08
08. Dr. Kucho- The Rave (Tocadisco Remix) 24:08-29:35
09. Sebjak & Richard Grey- Pump Up The Volume 28:20-35:36
10. Kid Shakers- El Gringo (D.O.N.S. & Mikael Weermets Remix) 34:05-38:05
11. Rene Amesz & Baggi Begovic- Without Love (D.O.N.S. & Mikael Weermets Remix Edit) 37:05-40:50
12. Laserkraft 3D- Nein, Mann ! (Tocadisco´s Tocacbana Remix/D.O.N.S. Edit) 40:48-42:48
13. Piatto- MC202 (Original Mix) 42:03-50:16
14. Cajmere- Percolator (Acapella) 43:03-43:33, 45:33-46:18, 49:18-50:18
15. Fergie- Eye Of Storm (Mr. Henry Von´s Double Remix) 49:18-56:06
16. Angstrom & Aalberg- Cockroach Remixes (Pfirter Remix) 54:50-60:08

From his Bio:
German born DJ/Producer /label owner D.O.N.S. has established himself as one of the most innovative, unique, and exciting figures in modern dance music. From his solo productions to his bootlegs and covers to his highly sought-after remixes, D.O.N.S. studio output is an ever impressive slew of crafted gems for the dancefloor.

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