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You Know you're addicted to House Music

You know your addicted to House Music when:

*The store clerk at the record store knows you by name.

*The record store knows your tastes so well that they put that special import album behind the counter just for you.

*You store your vast music collection in alphabetical order, by genre and in extreme cases by year.

*You spend more money on CDs/records/mp3s than you do on clothes.

*Your wardrobe consists mainly of t-shirts with group logos. Give yourself an extra point if any of them are no longer the right size or are too worn to wear, but you keep them anyway for sentimental reasons because they remind you of a special dance event.

*Every MB of your mp3’s memory has been used. In fact, you have enough music to fill up several mp3 players.

*The thought of other people touching your CDs makes you want to seriously hurt someone.

*You take naps during lunch because you went dancing last night.

*You never listen to the radio anymore because all you listen to are house music CDs.

*When you say, "I need my FIX for the week." you are not referring to drugs.

*You watch the MTV music awards and you don't recognize any of the new groups/singers because you never listen to that music anymore.

*You are on the web all day long visiting House Music web sites.

*You are pondering getting a license plate with House or Jack somehow in it.

*You try to pass your addiction onto your other friends.

*You walk into the club and everyone there is like family to you.

*You maintain a dance-related website. Give yourself and extra point if your e-mail address is dance-related

*If you have pets, at least one of them has a dance-related name

*You copied all your house music to your office computer and that's all you listen to 9 - 5

**Heaven is having lots of space on the dance floor. **

*Your password has either House or Jack in it.

*You carry house music with you wherever you go, just in case

If you are guilty of one or more of these I’m sure I already like you.

Peace & Love


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