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i LOVe a good rEmIx = iamxl

More goodies from my inbox this week include some phat remixes by
iamxl aka Jon Hamlin
Jon Hamlin is a Vancouver, Canada based DJ, producer, remixer, designer and all around artist. Well Jon I'm enjoying your funky electronic remixes.

This one right here reminds me of the old school techno days. Yeah, u can really dance your aggression off to this tune right here:

Now here's the tune Jon sent me by
La Roux,a British electropop synth duo band made up of singer and synth player Elly Jackson, and co-writer and co-producer Ben Langmaid.
This joint is the opposite of the last track, it's an upbeat, poppish, happy go lucky let's bounce kinda tune.

Have a fabulous weekend.
Peace & Love

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