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House Music & Movie Soundtracks

What's up Househeadz?! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. It's a good day for music and watching movies too. Not only do I love House Music but I'm a huge movie aficionado. I love indie movies and foreign movies so while searching for something to watch I stumbled upon an interesting house music related tidbit.

It seems our friend Roger Sanchez's song Turn Up the Music is featured throughout director Bigas Luna's 2006 movie Yo Soy la Juani.

House Music is definitely the soundtrack to my life. I would include most of the songs on this blog.

What song to you consider to be a must on your own personal soundtrack?

In the meantime check out Turn Up the Music by Roger Sanchez and as always I've got several versions for you. You know how I do . . . who luvs ya baby? ;)

Peace & Love

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