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Happy Friday House Music Heads ~ Funky House

Happy Fun Friday House Monkies, are you ready to dance?!
Well you need to be ready . . . because I've got some funky house tunes for you today. As usual I make sure you're starting off your weekend on the right foot.

The first funky house tune came out April 2007, which is still pretty new. There's lots of spins left for this one. The tune is called Disgustingly Fabulous mixed by Lars Behrenroth.

You know we are . . . ; ) winky winx . . .

This next tune which came out in 2006 is by Dennis Christopher. If you've been around my blog you've heard his tunes before. This one's called Soul Shakin. Enjoy yourself.

What is Funky House Music?
You'll recognize it when you hear it. First is the catchy bassline and synthesized sounds which give the music a bouncy tempo. Then there's the singing. Funky House relies heavily on strong vocals or disco samples. FH has a recognizable tiered structure in which every track has more than one build-up which usually reaches a climax before the process is repeated with the next track.

Let's get Funky!

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