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The Underground sounds of Jungle DnB ~ House Music babies

Hello my house music loving friends. I know you are having fun counting the days to the new year 2008. I hope you have made some really positive goals for yourself to achieve this upcoming year cause I can feel it coming and it's gonna be huge.

This afternoon I'm listening to some jungle aka drum and bass aka one of electronicas baby branches. I don't know but to me it feels like it falls under the umbrella of house music. I can hear and feel the elements in the music.

not to mention it really makes my hips move . . .

so jam to this for awhile.

Jamrock remixed

What is jungle music?
Born in England during the 90's it is one of the most rhythmically complex of all forms of dance music, relying on extremely fast polyrhythms and breakbeats influenced by reggae, dub and r&b.

What is drum and base?
DnB evovled from the break beat and rave scene. There are many mutations of this style which incorporate elements from ragga, dancehall, electro, funk, hip hop, house, jazz, heavy metal, reggae, rock, techno and trance.

okay a lil something for the old skool base lovers . . . .

Defender - Feel It

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