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Justin Timberlake Remixed House Style

Good morning House Lovers. It's time for a tune up and annual physicals so we're gonna keep it easy today.

I've got some Justin for ya'll and I know you love you some Justin. I haven't met anyone that doesn't. He's got plenty years of practice. Justin has this music thing down and the formula to pop success memorized. I watched his HBO special and the show was tight; lots of dancers, lighting effects, live music. Very entertaining indeed.

Have a fabulous day. Enjoy yourself.

And . . . if you haven't had your annual physical go make that appointment. Prevention is key. Keep that body strong so you can keep enjoying House Music.

Love ya! xoxo

Justin Timberlake - My Love Paul Oakenfold Mix

Justin Timberlake - Lovestoned Tiƫsto Remix

Timberlake - Put Your Hands Up Fedde Le Grand Remix


Unknown said...

i love your website! too often house music has not been paid its tribute by reactionaries ("hey, house is not produced by real instruments" etc and whatnot). but seriously, at a club or a hotel room party with friends in a boppy state of mind - house music is perfect. hope to frequent your site with your awesome recommendations :):) keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping by. Come again!

shay said...

i like the remix of Lovestone by Tiesto, and i can attest that he's the best dj ever

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