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I Just Wanna Hear a Good Beat

I know you will scream yeah I remember that!! ummmhmmm I can hear the oooohsss and aaaahhhhs already. You remember from back in the day. The wonderfully creative group Deee Lite and the dee gorgeous singer Lady Miss Kier with her big dee lovely voice. So many songs to choose from. . . I'll go with this one and let the good memories begin.

Deee-Lite - Good Beat (Video Version)

DEEE-LITE lyrics

Who is Deee Lite?
The trio formed in 1986 led by vocalist Lady Miss Kier from Ohio, Super DJ Dmitry, a classically-trained guitarist and Russian immigrant, and Jungle DJ Towa Towa, born in Tokyo, Japan. Their music was as colorful as their look, a combination of House, Techno, Funk, Ambient and Rave, Dance and Pop. The group disbanded in the the mid 90's. Lady Kier still Djs and tours.

The groups most popular song: Groove is the Heart

* World Clique (1990)
* Infinity WIthin (1992)
* Dewdrops in the Garden (1994)
* The Very Best of Deee Lite (2001)

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