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new Deep Soulful Vocal House from Alexander East 3345 Music

What I'm listening to. . .

Time for new music sugar. Today I'm bumpin fresh beats from Alexander East. Born in New York and raised throughout the midwest you can hear the influence of these places in his music. It's a deeper style with danceable baselines and raw emotional vocals.

Being from Chi-town this is a sound i LOVE.

You can preview the music on the players below. nJoy!

Supposed 2 Be (Original Mix)

Supposed 2 Be (Aarta's Architext Mix)

From the AE Peeps:
From 2001 to the present Alexander East has continued to blaze forth a path for himself within the industry, gaining notoriety though both his vocals on collaborative efforts and remixes with fellow producers Jimpster, JT Donaldson, Atnarko, Rick Preston, Swirl People and Olivier Desmet. His current chart topper “Believe En Me” (with remixes from Lawnchair Generals) and his latest re-release “So Hi” (with remixes by Chuck Love& Bryan Gerrard) takes this talented musician to yet another level with a body of work that is nothing short of fantastic! One thing is certain with a talent like Alexander East….you are just beginning to scratch the surface with his music!!!

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