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new House Music from the GirlsLove DJs label

Happy day sweet lips,

Here's an update from the house friendly record label Girls Love DJ's. It's a fantastic name which also happens to be totally true.

OK first up is a brand new ep by Andras Caron,the 27 year old, Amsterdam based Head honcho of GirlsLoveDJs Records known from artists like Rubix, Quinten909, Estaw & Illuminati. Andras Caron is active as a soloproducer aswell as a member of electronic music group The Century. This is his first solo record titled The Classic Introduction. What a great album cover it totally reminds me of the hilarious hairy naked carpet dude ads. haha

Take a listen on the player below.

Next there's a brand new disco electro house tune by Quinten 909 & Mayhem titled: Closer to me! There's a a Leon du Star remix, a Centrino remix and a radio edit. You can check it out in the video below.

and lastly a brand new track GIVEAWAY = A remix of UB40- Where did i go wrong

Find the arrow on the player to get this track.


Peace & Love


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