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What I'm Listening 2 ~ New House Music ~ Southern Cross

Southern Cross have redefined their sound into a brand new edgy progressive/tribal house crossover never leaving those early intentions to rock the floor without selling out.

Difference is a floor-rocking, dirty-bassline stomper designed to make people groove, dance and jump and down. 'We wanted a classic feel to it' said Southern Cross 'something that DJ's could use peak time or later in the night, it's worked so well for us, the dancefloor reaction has been amazing'. Every sound is made to count from the dirty analog squeals and spaced out arpeggios to the big breakdown melody that takes off the roof every time.

The Difference remix comes courtesy of McCreery and Boshell progressive house stalwarts turning in a huge mix of super well-produced sounds. At 13 minutes long the groove is paramount and the depth of production stunning. Growling and spiraling, building to soaring highs and bass driven lows this is one for the serious music connoisseur.

Do be sure to check it all out on beatport and soundcloud below.

Jomanda - Make My Body Rock(Southern Cross Remix)

Southern Cross released a brand new track on beatport titled 'Difference' + to celebrate this they have put together this free bootleg for you to download.

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