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House Music ~ Jack in 2010 ~ Baboon Tunes

hey hey house music lovers,

Today I'm bumpin jackin beats from Baboon tunes. As you know Jack has been around since House Music's creation and Baboon Tunes is what jackin is today. I love the deep baselines and thumpin beats.

The EP drops May 31st. till then u can get a taste on the players below.

Teke Lips & Jackin D - Tissue Salts

Campbell - Jack Sprat

From the Baboon peeps:
This EP contains more upbeat in your face jackin. Ep starts off with a fidget tech banger (Canada), Gets a little more dirty with 2 jackin fidget tracks (UK). Gets straight back to the funky business with Going East (Russia) followed by 2 bass infected up tempo jackin tech tracks (S.A), then to finish it all off with a jackin monster with a slight Dutch feel from Redsquad.

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