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Scratching on Hump Day

Scratching & Mixing
One of the reasons that makes the DJ set a more enjoyable listen is because they get to infuse their style into the music and give it a little extra sazon. The DJ cuts up the music so we can cut it up on the dance floor.

DJ's are passionate about their music. Today I'm talking specifically about DJ Thierry Alari who's obsession for the perfect scratch ended in a new invention.

The Scratchophone is a portable Scratch instrument, featuring a turntable, a special tonearm, scratch mixer, and a pair of speakers.

The Scratchophone can be carried and used virtually anywhere in a wide variety of applications. Professsional features like the exclusive tangential micro-tonearm for non-skipping scratching, the unique rotary fader box to play in any posture and an ultra-high torque direct drive set it apart from other products for Scratch DJs.
Scratching will never be the same !

Check his vid:

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