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Jazz House Music by Postino

Happy Friday house junkies,

I'm ready for the weekend and dying to share these new Jazz House jointz from Postino I'm really diggin. The beautiful thing about JAZZ hOUse is that the instruments really stand out. The piano and horns take the main stage while vocals take the back seat.

Enjoy yourself & have a fabulous weekend.


Postino is a London-based songwriter, composer, producer, and DJ.

Having collaborated with respected musicians and singersin the Korean music industry over the last decade, Postino is gaining worldwide recognition as an accomplished musician and DJ.

Postino has managed to find the very heart of production and wed it seamlessly with soulful vocals and organic instrumentation in his debut album, “A Letter From The Postino”, layered with sparkly ambience and silky beats reminiscent of the downtempo/chillout genre. Painstakingly dovetailed with an almost-ethereal quality, this album is a quicksilver spin through an expansive terrain of lush melodies, atmospheres, and beats which makes his work a compelling listen each time.

With Quincy Jones, Enigma, Vladimir Cosma and Ryuichi Sakamoto being some of his biggest influences, the album flows across many genres, including dreamy pop, stylishly sexy vocal house, chillout lounge, and a beautiful interpretation of drum & bass.

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