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Must Have Classic House Tunes

I like everything House Music related but if we're gonna take it way back here's my short list.

Must have Classic House singles:

1- Jungle Brothers - Ill House You
2- Can you Feel it
3- Voodoo Ray
4- oh we have to throw some Todd Terry up in there. My favorite is his Bango song.
5-Steve 'Silk' Hurley - Jack Your Body
6- Lil' Louis - French Kiss
7- Inner City - Good Life (now this was the feel good tune of the day along with Big Fun)
8- Ten City - Devotion . . . I wanna give u DEVOTION
9- 2 In A Room - Somebody In The House Say Yeah! This song defines what House Music is all about, fun & dancing
10- KRAZE -THE PARTY (Another fun must have dance single!)
11- White Knight - Jacks The House (just because one can never get enough jackin; plus I would love to hear an updated remix. Let's see who will get inspired)
12- Adonis...No Way Back (so many to choose by Adonis)
before we leave the 80's enjoy this hip hop house tune: Deskee -Let There Be House
Then House Music morphed into something closer to pop music. This change made it easier for the masses to consume with groups like C& C Music Factory and Black Box with Strike it Up. It was strange but kewl to get these small doses of house music on the radio.

1- Crystal Waters - I hated that Gypsy song when it came out but I totally fell in love with The Ghetto and Making Happy. Definately explore her albums. There are gems in there.
2- DeeeLite - What a great voice, not to mention the creativity of the group.
3 - Finally by CeeCee Peneston (that's the jam!)
4- Degrees Of Motion - Do You Want It Right Now

As you can see, I love those powerful female vocals that are so great for singing along to.
more of the 90's
5- Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend
6- The House Crew - Keep The Fire Burning
7- Nino - Future Of Latin
8- Mr Lee -Get Busy
9- Jomanda - Got a Love for You
10- That Nervous Track - Nuyorican Soul (nice jazzy flow)
12-Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam - Let The Beat Hit 'Em
Oh yes and the Acid Movement . . . It started in the late 80's and continued for a bit in the 90's before morphing into other styles.
YOu must check out this tune cuz right here you can hear the beginnings of techno & progressive rumblings: Bam Bam - Where's Your Child 1988

2-Maurice - This Is Acid
3- Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder
4- Farley Jackmaster Funk - The Acid Life
5- Moody Boys - Acid Heaven
6- Phuture - Your only friend I like this tune because it's really out there.
7- Lords Of Acid - Take Control
8- Lords of Acid- Let's get high (This tune is a must have; listen to the beginnings of techno; so sweet)
10- Modeselektor

Then as the 90's progressed there was even more diversification in House Music. Acid turned into Techno and later into Electro & Progressive. There was also Garage, Deep, Jazzy House and alot of stuff in between like that tune Perculator.

BTW - you can find these songs on my blog.
Enjoy yourself now you've got plenty to play with.
Peace & Love

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