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About For Love of House Music

Hi, I’m Bella Vida and I LUV House Music.
I’m the creator of For the Love of House Music blog.
About the blog:
This blog is all about House Music and was created to share all my beautiful treasures with you. It is my music diary where I share what I'm listening to.

For the Love of House music is the place to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of house music. So whether you’re a DJ, an artist, a music fan or just curious I’m sure there’s something here for you.
PLAY time . . . You can:
Listen to music, watch videos, download mixes and learn about the House Music genre. Everything from the latest brand new just released music & artists to old school classics that falls under the genre of House Music including trance, dance, euro, deep, techno, progressive, electro, etc.
We're here to have fun.
Why House Music? I listen to just about everything. I love all types of music genres but nothing moves me as much as House music. Even when neglected by the mainstream, House Music continues to thrive all these years later. The passion the artists put into the creation of House Music is what makes it so moving. The music is authentically creative and that really connects with me.

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Yes, you can submit your music to be considered for this blog just be aware of the genre. Send your videos, pictures, music to leticiacaban@gmail.com. Please send everything that’s related together in one email.

This feature will be coming as soon as we complete the transition.

About Me:
My passion for music is the reason for this blog. Born in Chicago to Puertorican parents who have always been enthusiastic about music there was always a radio or television on at my house. They listened to everything from Salsa to Pop, Merengue and even rock oldies. Nothing was banned and that’s how my musical education began. To this day music is always playing in the background of their house. Thanks Mami & Pops!
In addition to music Pops was a gadget addict so I had lots of kewl toys. As a kid you could find me on any given day lying next to the radio with a giant hand held tape recorder my Dad gave me. Not just any old radio either but the massive 70's furniture style that had a record player, 8 track tape, tuner, storage and large speakers all in one piece of furniture.
I began recording mixtapes early, making careful selections (rewinding and fast forwarding to record over the commercials!). The cassettes were mainly for me then I began to give them to family and friends. Sharing the music I loved became my thing. It was magical to "discover" a new song no one else had heard yet. It became a rush to be the first to introduce a new song to someone. I can compare it to sharing an intimate secret. To me a new song is a treasure, like finding a gem.
Finding new music became my hobby and that's how I stumbled into the world of underground music. It’s when I fell in love with House Music.

Now this blog is my treasure box and it’s filled with gems I choose to share with you.

rU still reading? Ok here’s a list of things I like: dancing, clubbing, writing, movies, reading, painting, poetry, photography, art . . . .


Alan said...

hi bellevida,

i'm trying to find a house track that has a chorus vocal where the girl, i think, sings: "saturdays" ... its house is kinda hard .... any help naming the track would be greatly appreciated! thanks! plz email me at rukspin _at_ gmail _dot_ com


BellaVida said...

Well there's a tune by DeLaSoul called Saturdays but thats not House Music even though they were tight with the Jungle Brothers (Ill House You). I need more clues. . .


Michael said...

I love your blog!!

Be well..........

Mike D.

New York

Marrakech Xanthe Pat said...

Hi Bellavida,
I too love House Music. I'm from London, My husband was a club promoter back in '89. So as you can tell I'm a very old lady now,(I was at the opening night of the Minstry of sound)
I'm now in Marrakech watching the scene grow down here.
Love your blog. Keep up the good work.


what time is your flight? said...

love the blog just wanted to share my blog with you


i'm bloging about wmc 2009 just started

Dani Vogel said...


I'm Swiss House Music Producer&Dj. I just wanted to share my music with some other people. It would be nice if you
would listen to some of my tracks nd give me a small feedback. And if you like, you could share the tracks(;

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/dirtybros

Greetz Dani Vogel DirtyBros

P3 said...

Hi BellaVida! I LOVE your blog! Could you send me an invite to add a post to your blog?

ilovedjcj said...

hey BellaVida!

your blog has been a favorite of mine for some time now.

if you're doing a bit on any new progressive/ electro/ complextro tracks… i just finished my complextro/ dubstep remix of childish gambino's "heartbeat".
I'm based in hollywood, spin at the nightclubs out here often and am trying to break into more festival edm events. The style I produce is inspired by porter robinson, alvin risk, and skrillex.

You can stream or download a 320 kbps mp3 from this sound cloud link…

childish gambino - heartbeat (djcj's adhd remix)

track soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/ilovedjcj/childish-gambino-heartbeat
track artwork: http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f4/theaffairchris/heartbeat-remix.jpg

hope you like it.