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I'm Glad House Music is Still Underground ~ Let's Do It for the Love

Good morning, house music lovers. It is a lovely sunny day down south and the topic on my mind is the Popularity of House Music.

I have to admit one of my biggest attractions to House Music is that it remains underground. Like a well kept secret that only a few priveledged are allowed to know about.

Yes, I do want the artists to achieve success and spread the message but when these artists know it's not the road to riches it becomes more rEAl, tRUE, pURe. I feel that the music created comes from a pure and artistic place; a release that is an artistic release and not a profit strategy.

I believe this is why the music touches me so deeply. It's a true expression of an artist. My wish would be for House Music to always remain true to it's artists creation.

The Craftsmen - Wish (Juke Joints remix)

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