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What I'm listening to Today

Styles upon House Music Styles fill the world. My favorite House Jointz are ones that make me move. House grooves that get my head nodding side to side where the body is sure to follow. I am a lover of deep soulful house grooves. Deep House is just a bit slower and characterized by beautiful soulful lyrics performed by talented vocalists.

Today I am enjoying the deep house music sounds of the group Tortured Soul. Their self titled album Introducing Tortured Soul was re-released in March of 2006 by the indie label R2 Records. The cd has twelve songs for your listening pleasure. Each song is true to the style making it a tight album where all of the songs actually fit together as one work.

My favorite tracks are definitely Fall in Love and Don't Hold Me Down. Fall in Love is a happy dance tune that will earn you mega points as a dedication to that special person in your life. Don’t Hold me Down has disco sound with fun vocals that make you want to sing as well as dance to it.

What makes this group different?

Dance music or House Music is a style typified by DJ's and modern music technology. Tortured Soul is one of the few modern dance groups that play all of their music live: live drums, vintage keys, electric bass and soulful vocals. The songs are made great by the skills each band member brings to them; Urich on drums and lead vocals, Ethan White on the keyboard and backup vocals and JKriv on the bass and backup vocals. Each member is a skilled musician, songwriter, and producer in his own right and it resonates in their music.

Tortured Soul is a gem that stands out from the rest taking the genre of House Music and raising the bar to a whole new level. I agree that they are the future of House Music.

Album: Introducing Tortured Soul
Indie Label: R2 Records
Website: torturedsoulmusic.com
Sound: live, soulful, deep house

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