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Welcome to For the Love of House Music

Ever since I can remember I have had a profound love for music. All types of music. There was always a radio or television on at my house. Pops was a gadget addict so I had lots of kewl toys.

As a kid you could find me on any given day laying next to the radio with the tape recorder my Dad gave me. Not just any old radio either but the massive 70's furniture style that had a record player, 8 track tape, tuner and large speakers all in one piece of furniture.

I would make careful selections to go on custom tapes (rewinding and fast forwarding to record over the commercials!) I made for myself, family and my friends. My favorite thing of all was to "discover" a new song that no one else had heard yet. It was fun to be the first to introduce a new song to someone. It was like sharing an intimate secret. To me a new song is a treasure.

Finding new music became my hobby. The more I did it the better I got and the more creative.

That's how I stumbled into the world of underground music. That is when I fell in love with House Music. It gave me a rush to find these beats with the magic like quality to make my body have no choice but to move.

To this very day when I hear a new house tune I get affected. Oh yes, it's something interactive. An invisible penetration of my space. An invasion of beats and sounds that feeds my soul, tells my brain to get happy conducing my body into movement.

I love everything about House Music in its many forms, it's uptempo beats and it's positive lyrics. I love House Music.

This blog is written by a fan for all music fans as a place to be informed and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of house music. Enjoy.

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