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House Music Mixtape from Chicago's Gus Calderone

You're not ready for the weekend until you press play.
 Now go ahead and press play as you get glammed up and fabulous for the night awaits you baby.

This mix is for the TRUE Househeadz

Gus Calderone Presents "After Dark" Vol. 4

About Gus:
A self-defined house music junkie hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Gus began his musical journey at the ripe age of six, after receiving his very first turntable. From there, Gus crafted his musical attributes and convened with key industry moguls, which inevitably opened the door to larger opportunities. With music production serving as his strong suit, Gus collaborated on several projects that have received global recognition through some of the most prestigious electronic music resources to the public, such as: Tiesto’s “Club Life”, Pete Tong’s “Radio 1 Show”, Erick Morillo’s “Subliminal Sessions”, and Bob Sinclar’s radio show. Gus’ successful partnerships with the industry’s ‘up and coming’ elite have launched him to his current state within the electronic music industry. In his eyes though, the road that lies ahead is still very much untouched—and open to his creative element. With multiple projects already cued in his pipeline, be on the lookout for Gus Calderone’s latest releases hitting your airwaves shortly.


Cristian Poow said...

Fine Touch & Cristian Poow feat. Valessa - Rhythm Is A Dancer




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