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Hey SweetLips!!
Another Saturday, another wild grass weekend.

Ready to get hooked up with new beats?
My inbox is bursting with all kinds of goodies from deep house to electronica to techno and freakin beyond.  I guarantee there is something in the post for each and everyone of you to get your groove on.

Blaze feat Barbara Tucker - Most Precious Love 2011 (Eddie Le Funk Club Mix)

This one's for the hardcore electronica lovers.

MAX RAPTOR (Scouting Remix)

Here's the original track in the video so you can check out the changes in the remixed version.

Some funkyass euro disco house that made me laugh.

Super909 - Discobril EP

Italian NuDisco

ill Saint M - Hybris (Before The Storm Version) introduction to EP on Freakz Me Out: "Carnation"(14 oct 2011)

You Don't Want To Dance With Me (VIVIEN Remix)

From the M Peeps:
Monarchy return with another synth-pop gem, ‘You Don’t Want To Dance With Me’, due for release in October. After the undeniably catchy summer single ‘Maybe I’m Crazy’, the duo slowed things down with the irresistible ‘YDWTDWM’, featuring guest vocals from Britt Love. The song’s pulsating bass line and hypnotic, layered synths provide the perfect backdrop to showcase Britt’s sultry sound as she duets with Monarchy’s Ra Black. 

Koko Eponyum - David Solano Mashup Koko - Sander Van Doorn vs. Eponym - Jacob Van Hage

Mickey Fortune Bootleg Pack, Volume 1

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