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Classic House Music the remixes from Paul Woolford

1. House Sydicate ‘Jam The Mace’ (Paul Woolford Re-Edit)
2. Murk ‘Reach For Me’ (Paul Woolford’s 11 Minutes Of Magic Edit)
3. Paul Rutherford ‘Get Real’ (Paul Woolford Re-Edit)
4. Orbital / Man With Guitar ‘Chime’ (Paul Woolford Re-Edit)
5. Tori Amos ‘Professional Widow’ (Armand’s Star Trunk Funk Mix – Paul Woolford’s Re-Edit)
6. Delite / Steve Poindexter ‘Work It Wild’ (Paul Woolford Re-Edit)
7. TC1991 ‘Berry’ (Paul Woolford Re-Edit)
8. Delacy ‘Hideaway’ (Paul Woolford Re-Edit)
9. LFO / Wee Papa Girl Rapper ‘It’s Like That’ (Paul Woolford Re-Edit)
10. Underworld ‘Rez’ (Paul Woolford Re-Edit)

From the PW peeps:
“All these tracks are classics that I have edited over the years in order to create the bigger moments of my sets at larger clubs such as Space in Ibiza, Cocorico in Italy and many festivals the world over.

Many of them are borderline records, and by this, I mean that they are predominantly mainstream-friendly, but with some alterations I have made in order to re-contextualise the track, be that to make it more playable, to create more drama, to provide a more percussive framework, or merely to accentuate certain parts.

Frequently they have become the equivalent of the "Get Out Of Jail Free" card in the board game Monopoly. You really need some secret weapons when you are following an act like Soulwax at 3am on the Space terrace... Tracks such as the Paul Rutherford edit and Delite are slightly lesser-known to many, and in these formats have a different life.

I have only shared a quantity of these with Danny Tenaglia previously and after repeatedly being asked over the years by so many friends, djs and people at gigs, as a primer for my set this Sunday closing the terrace at WeLove Space in Ibiza, I have decided to make these first 10 edits from 2007 fully downloadable... “ Paul Woolford.

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