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new electro dub from J Hazen - bringin the crunchynessssss

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Today's we continue to bring u the latest sounds featuring San Francisco based producer J Hazen J Hazen. He's so thrilled about his latest release (and we are too) that he's giving away Three free tracks.  run check it out. 

3 Free J HAZEN tracks!

Delta (J Hazen Remix) - Sonic Valium
Slick Tricks (J Hazen Remix) - Kraymon
Bitch (J Hazen Remix) - The New Up

From the JH Peeps:
J Hazen Remixes SOTEG, Gella, Kraymon, 601 Remixes (Sound Of Habib)

J HAZEN has been doing twisted beats and soundscapes riddled with quirky melodies for a long time. It has taken him from the New York scene where he made his name to the inspiring art and cultural settings of San Francisco where he now has his studio. His seminal release "700ft" gave him scene recognition and earned him support both on the DJ circuit and radio plays on both the BBC and underground stations.

released four tracks aimed at the hardcore fans. Sublime and genre
defying these tracks gained a lot of underground support. Now it's time to unleash them again alongside some killer remixes from some of the most forward thinking producers in breaks today. We have enlisted none less THAN GELLA, 601, KRAYMON and SOTEG to twist and turn these tracks inside out. The result really speaks for itself.

check it
J Hazen Forerunner

Released 2011 on Sound of Habib recordings.

J Hazen Forerunner SOTEG remix

J Hazen "Forerunner" (SOTEG remix) is a part of a fantastic remix package containing remixes by SOTEG, Gella, Kraymon and 601. You can find it in all good online shops.

J Hazen - Spring 2011 techo dub breakbeats Mix

Tracklist provided so u can jump on it & show support

Mobile 363 - Eero Johannes (Planet Mu)
Communication Break-Down - Hexstatic (Ninja Tune)
Prayer - Erich Lesovsky (k:lender) + Forerunner (SOTEG Remix) - J Hazen (SOH)
Danger Danger (Gella's Deep Dub) - J Hazen (Sound of Habib)
Battle For Middle You - Julio Bashmore (PMR)
Night Game (Hackman Remix) - The Phantom (Senseless)
Make It More Wiggily - DMX Krew (Breakin Records)
Moon Pupils - Boxcutter (Kinnego)
Inna Daze - Pangaea (Hessle Audio)
Like We Used To - Kahn (Punch Drunk)
Hip Love (Jamie xx Remix) - Falty DL (Ramp)
Looking To The Sky (C.R.S.T. Remix) - The Drop (Shoal RMX)
Artificial Thing (Kraymon Remix) - J Hazen (Sound of Habib)

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