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House Dance Music Videos

Happy Monday beautiful House Music Loving peeps.
You make this world a better place.

I love the trend of seeing more and more house music videos getting made. Artists listen up; nowadays you have no excuse, with the internet it's too easy to put something nice together. This blog is about the love so I'm not going to mention the marketing aspects. As part of the tv generation you know I love to have visuals to accompany the music. Back in the day there were clubs that would project all kinds of things from abstract art, underground movies to cartoons. uff, I haven't even mentioned the foam parties . . . (before we get side tracked) The point is, we grew up with all types of media for our senses to react to so if you're sending me music in 2011 I'm expecting videos too.

Here's today fresh batch of house music videos.

Fedde le Grand vs. Sultan & Ned Shepard ft. Mitch Crown - Running(Original)

So Called Friend - "Feet" Video

Low Budget Raver - Voodoo Browne

SNATCH 014 - ADAM PORT - Symphony

Lars Moston and Ben Mono - 'People / Can't Stop'

which did u like best?

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