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electrONica mixtApe giveaway from DJ Kindred ~ luv hoUse mUsic

Happy first day of March househeadz!

Let's start the month off right with a Hott electronica mixtape. DJ Kindred has sent in a hype, crunchy, make u wanna dance hour long set titled 3AM.  This is a great uptempo set.  

I just want to say to all those up n coming djs who send me stuff you must watch your transitions between songs.  No sloppiness allowed . . . I want to keep on dancing all night long. If you stop the music or skip a beat i turn it off.

Now press play and dance with me. ;)



Unknown said...

Can we get a play list? Please :)

Unknown said...

Sorry DJ Kindred didnt send me one. If you keep scrolling through the blog I have other sets to get ur house fix on ;)