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Dance Music Video Set to stream

Happy day househeadz.

Once again it's time for videos. Time to show our eyeballs some good house loving. Let's get to it.

First up is the latest video from Morgan Page. Filmed at Avalon in Los Angeles, CA the rousing video gives a great behind the scenes look of the world-class DJ experience and captures the energy of Morgan's live sets.

Morgan Page Ft. Jan Burton - I've Had Friends

Here's a teaser for Afrobeta's Play House. I wish they had a real video already.

Here's a popular song w/a remix I'm enjoying
Flo Rida - Who Dat Girl ft. Akon

Did you guys like Michael Jacksons duet with Akon cause I haven't received any remixes?
Michael Jackson - Hold My Hand Duet With Akon ft. Akon

Here's some funky house with DJ Sneak Fix My Sink.

And to finish off this set with a phat azz jumping joint.
Roberto Rodriguez - Like I Said

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