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viewer recommendation ~ Guillaume DeLarge

Happy Monday sweetLips! 
I hope you enjoyed your weekend cause it's a new day for new music.

Today I received an email from fellow househead Melanie D. I'm always down for a recommendation especially when it comes from one of our fabulous readers. :)  She recommended I check out her boy French Dj, Guillaume Delarge, member of the electro group Punky Blaster because he's talented, handsome and pretty funny.

OK Melanie, I did check out his JVH remix and I like it. There's a darkness in the song that grabbed me right away. I love how he followed it right through to the end. Well done. Nice remix.

Check it out on the player below.

Jacob Van Hage - On stage (Guillaume Delarge vocal remix)

So what do u guys think? Tell me in the comments.

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