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House Music Dance Videos 4ya viewing PleasURE

Ready 4 the weekend sweetLips? u KNow I am.

It's time again for House Music Videos. I love watching videos and I love sharing them with you.

THis is a great song.
Disco Boys, The - Love Tonight
Label:Superstar Recordings Release: 2010

This is great colorful video especailly loved by gamers.
Avicii & Sebastien Drums - My Feelings For You
Label:Spinnin' Records Release: 2010

Here's a really cool video for a bumpin remake. I LOVE the bBoy Breakdancing.
Deekline* & Tim Healey featuring Babe Ruth - The Mexican
Label: Hot Cakes Release: 2010

If you enjoyed the last joint you'll also love the original which comes from JellyBean's 1984 hit The Mexican. Here's a homemade video with flamenco dancing from Spain to a song titled Mexico???? Anyways. . . the song is great.

Since we're on the latin tip I must say i love how Dutch House fuses elements of Latin Music with House Music.
Robert Abigail Vs. DJ Rebel - Merengue
Release: 2009

I hope you enjoyed the ride.


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