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90's House Music Videos ~ Classic House & Dance Music

Hello again Honey B's.  I hope your enjoying your weekend.

Time got away from me this weekend.  Sometimes it's easier to get swept away with the feeling of bliss where the concept of time just doesn't compute than to stop and get back to the demands of reality. 

I took this photo on a humid full moon night in Miami. It was early evening and not too much traffic out.  The night was humid but the soft breeze kept it pleasant.

Alright now let's do some videos.  Let's go to school. Here's a batch from the archives.  Straight outta the 90's. Let's see if you've heard these before now you can watch the videos.


Starting it off with a nice vocal house joint.
Happy Clappers - I Believe 1995

ooh this ones really good.
Full Intention - I Love America 1995

Livin' Joy - I'm a Dreamer 1995

This is a euro house hit that reminds me of playing video games.
Eiffel 65 - Move Your Body 1999

Here's an instrumental song that you should recognize especially if you're into Trance.
Robert Miles -  Children

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