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new Deep House Music from Goran Tech

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I know you've heard this dude Goran Tech representing the Macedonian house music scene very nicely because I've featured him before. I dig his style, I'm feeling it . . . it moves me.

You can check out his brand new release on the player below.

Artist:Goran Tech
Title: One Way EP
Featuring: Dont't Come Back and Space Hero + remix by Kerkez
Label: Artefact Records

From the GT Peeps:
The young Macedonian producer Goran Tech & Artefact records invite you on a musical roller coaster with their 5th release "One way" EP.
There are times when there is only "One Way" to go - into the flipped world of mixed sounds.
Tough beats, grunts, grinds and a heavy sub bass that finally launches into a gorgeous spring-loaded nu-Tech ride.

A purely ingenious use of sampling to create a groove, Goran Tech takes the percussion of a ping pong rally and uses it as the back beat to set his track "Don't come back", simple in its construction, but has a bigger feel to it.
It’s the perfect track to either keep the groove moving, or use it for build up and take the set to the next direction, which is up or forward… While the Kerkez remix bit more defined, dark and deep techy, echos with trippy percussion.
"Space hero" turns a more of a bouncy feeling, with its filtered stabs and drum rolls, spiced up with catchy funky trumpet chords & flanged vocals.

"One way" or the other, this EP will stick to your eardrums & hopefully get you on the right direction.

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