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new Progressive House Music from Michael Woodruff

Hey sweet lips, If you're ready to sit back and relax I recommend this brand new chill progressive house track by Michael Woodruff titled Class E.
The release features Remixes by Costin 105, Wesley Dysart vs. DJ Notech and The Voice of Saturn. My favorite is the electro remix by Dysart vs. DJ Notech. I'm really feelin it.
I liked the way the press release was written so I'm posting it below. now go njoy the music sugar.

Michael Woodruff - Class-E

from the mw peeps:
After his acclaimed remixes for artists Hoplite and Wesley Dysart, Steamtown hands the engine car over to the multi-instrumentalist and genre-crossing producer Michael Woodruff, marking his debut original on the Atlanta based label. As a producer and songwriter Michael has worked in many genres from Hip Hop to Electronica and Metal. He's released music under the names M Dubb and Vata with Analysis Recordings and many of his tunes caught the attention of media giants Time Warner, MTV, Cingular and many more who featured his music in commercials, television shows and films.

His single “Class-E” walks a delicate line between nu disco and progressive house. A cosmic four on the floor punctuated by techy arpeggiations and haunting piano melodies, “Class-E” builds a lush sonic space perfect for an early build up or a late night groove-a-thon.

Remixes are provided by Costin 105, Wesley Dysart vs. DJ Notech and a new addition to the Steamtown roster; The Voice of Saturn (new solo project from founding member of Judi Chicago and recompas). The styles range from house, progressive-electro to downbeat and nu disco.

Romanian producer Costin 105 blends in a jazzy vocal stab and classic house feel on his 3rd Steamtown appearance. As funky as it is hard-hitting this version creates a minimal garage vibe sure to shake things up at parties around the globe.

For the first time Wesley Dysart and Steamtown’s own DJ Notech partner to unleash an electro influenced progressive house monster. Dysart’s studio wizardry collides with Notech’s disco & funk sensibility to construct a peak time banger full of giant bass tones, melodic stabs and edgy sound effects. Voice of Saturn displays amazing sound design and atmospheric depth with his far out interpretation. Dark & dubby rhythmic trickery combined with warm modulated bass flesh out a groove that shifts between slow motion disco and fork-tongued trip-hop.

With four individual works pushing the edges of their respective genres “Class-E” is a great addition to any collection.

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