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New Progressive Minimal from Armando Biz

Artist: Armando Biz
Release: Espresso Romano
Style: Tech House

The three-track café-inspired EP entitled, "Espresso Romano" is the latest release from Armando Biz— one of the favorite deep and tech artists on Green Mono Music Studio!

"Espresso Romano" is a deep-tech soundtrack tailor-made for nocturnal sessions. Just like a shot of Espresso Romano, this track will get you through those deep and sleepless nights!

Next on the menu is the smooth-flowing, dreamy, and delightful track, "Café Macchiato". For those fond of lounging on a pleasant afternoon, this is the track to chill out to!

Third and last track is "Granita de Сaffè"— another quality tech-drenched production from Armando Biz! This time around, grounding basslines and big-room riffs come into play.

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