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New House Music & Mixtape ~ Canblaster Jetpack

What's up house heads?

Here's a little something new before we dive back into the 90's.

Sounds of Sumo present Canblaster's Jetpack , the 1st track from the Jetpack EP which will be available On Augusts 9th. I'm digging this one. It's got an old school vibe to it. You can check it out in the video below.

Grab the Canblaster - Jetpack Talk Remix HERE .

Canblaster is also giving away a mixtape which you can GRAB HERE.


Technasia - Sounds of Solar Oscilations
Canblaster - J.A.P.A.N Claps (Ballroom Mix)
The Living Islands - Empire (Sam Tiba remix)
Canblaster - ????? (Forthcoming Nightshifters)
NGUZUNUGUZU - Got U (Canblaster & Berou remix)
Manaré - Blitzkrieg Riddim
Hercules - 7 Ways
Zeppy Zep - Marillon
DJ MikeQ - Diva Work (feat. Sweet Pussy Pauline)
Kingdom - Fogs
Canblaster - JETPACK
The Cheerz - Esta Loca (Myd remix)
The Mike Deliquent Project - Dancehall
Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Djemeregne (Canblaster remix)
Loops of Fury - Rack 'em (Bambounou remix, Canblaster reedit)
Toddla T feat. Wayne Marshall - Sky Surfing (Douster remix)
Lorenzo Vektor - Turn it Up (Canblaster remix)
Four Tet - Sing (Mosca remix)
Deep Chord - Vantage Isle (
Canblaster - Thunderdome Got Crunk (Chaos in the CDB Smooth Crunk Edit)

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