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hey sweet lips,

I just wanted to share a picture of where i live = beautiful South Florida. This was my view while having breakfast off the canal. Lots of boats on the water on a hot sunny day. It was very peaceful and one of the best ways to start a day.

I'm in my office now listening to music as I type this on my laptop. While going through my inbox there was some curiosity as to how I chose what to post. Honestly I don't plan ahead.
It's what I'm listening to at the moment
someone may say something that reminds me of a great classic house music joint.

Then there's also my infamous treasure box = my email inbox.

I receive lots of wonderful, amazing, beautiful new music from many sources such as: music labels, promoters and the artists and DJ's themselves. Believe me there is no shortage any time soon. If I hear something that moves me, I'll post it up to share with you = my house music ღஜღღஜღ loving ღஜღღஜღ peeps.

I'm a music lover of many genres so I'll post a little bit of everything if I like it.
Anything goes from deep house to electro to progressive to techno to dnb to dance to euro etc.

I also like to post the actual videos that go with the music since there aren't too many in this genre and very few of those are any good. I'm assuming that most are the results of a low budget but come on peeps if you're in the business of entertaining put a little heart in it for the love of my eyes.

moving on . . . Some posts are giveaways like bonus tracks, special remixes or special mixtapes that come straight from the artist or label to promote their artists. So be sure to support the music you love not only by purchasing the music but go see them live. I'm telling you there's nothing like the experience of going to a live show or concert. The energy from the crowd, the music and dj is amazing. So what was the last show you checked out? I'd like to hear about it.

Feel free to send me an email or even better leave a comment on my posts.

i leave u with some classic house joints

Have a fabulous night sweet lips.
Peace & Love

Tyree titled: House music is my life 1989

Michael Watford - So Into You (1994)

David Guetta - Just a Little More Love UK 2002

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