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New House Music 4U2 Dance ~ from KopaTechnic

Happy Thursday music lovers,

Memorial Weekend has officially begun and we've got brand new dance music for you to bump. A new group called Kopetechnic. I'm really liking their sound especially after all the boring repetitive tracks I've been hearing lately. These peeps truly appreciate the art of making music with beautiful vocals, tempo, rhythm, real instruments . . . This is what dance music is all about.

Their latest single titled When I Hit the Floor is out now on the Urban Tracks label and directly below is a video for On My Mind. Also included is an audio sampler for their upcoming first album titled Welcome to KopaTechnic.

KopaTechnic's video for the single On My Mind

More about the group:
Dance music has been evolving since its birth in the mid-80's and nobody understands the evolution of such music like R.K. Jackson (Madonna's "Love Don't Live Here Anymore Remix (Triple Platinum Smash)", RuPaul’s "Little Drummer Boy", Cece Peniston's "Finally"). Born in the era of disco and funky-style tunes, Jackson has forever been a believer in the celebratory message of dancing and sexuality that music can have on a person's soul. Ringleader Jackson is proud of his troupe, "What makes us unique is that you can actually hear the instruments we use."

Amber Dirks (Reflex Ft. Amber Dirks "Feel The Love", DJ JST
& Amber Dirks "Rejoice", and Power 2 Move "Stepping Out") offers her vocals to the group. Jackson and Dirks have collaborated together with Markus Schulz on the single "Do You Want Me" and have been waiting to get back in the studio ever since. An old friend, Jimmie Alston, was more than willing to dedicate his skills and energy to the new project and it was then that this trio became what is now KopaTechnic.

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