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Do you know how to dance to House Music?

I love to dance and House Music just moves me but some peeps are shy about letting loose on the dance floor. It may be because they are shy or because they are not confident about their dancing skills.

Well look no further darlings because I've found one of the best dance instruction videos on the net. . . and it's free.

You can use these new moves at the many WMC events and you will be sure to stand out in a crowd.

Good Luck to ya!


Sean McLachlan said...

Good silly fun. The white boy was hilarious! A great straight man.

I've never had trouble cutting loose on the dance floor, but I had a real challenge a couple of weeks ago. I was at Plastic People in London and the DJ was playing a Dubgrime, a new mix of Dubstep and grime. It had the bass beat of Dubstep so there was something to focus on, but the samples were all over the place, from grunge to reggae, so it was hard to do any variations.

Plastic People always has a fun crowd, though, so check it out if you're in town.

Unknown said...

Hi Sean, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

I just had to post this video cause it was just brilliantly put together and absolutely hilarious. I love satire.

So did you enjoy the DJ at Plastic People? A good DJ knows how to please his crowd afterall it's his job to pack the dancefloor.

I like listening and dancing to all types of music too. Can u guess my fav?

Take care.

Sean McLachlan said...

I've never been disappointed by the DJs at Plastic People. It was interesting to hear the new fusion style too, I just had a bit of problem figuring out what to do with it! Plastic People has a very small (perhaps 200 capacity) basement dance floor with no light show or anything like that, just great music and very little attitude. It reminds me of the basement raves my friends used to put on in college.

There's also a bar in another section where the sound is low enough that people can actually (gasp!) talk to each other. Plastic People is my current fave for clubbing in London.

My only complaint is that they close at 4 a.m. If I'm up until four, I have a good three hours left in me!