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House Music Top 5 Chart for 2007

It's time to take a look back at my personal soundtrack for 2007 before leaping into a spanking brand new year.

hmmmmmm It's hard to choose since House Music is such a large umbrella that encompasses so many styles.

These are my personal top 5 favorite House Music artists of 2007. My qualifications are: liking more than one of their songs, originality, creativity and how much it makes ya wanna dance.

1. Axwell
I just love his style, they way he works your emotions with the highs and lulls in his music. Plus, I really enjoy his videos since they feature so much creative dancing. He entertains me.

2. Laidback Luke
Oh yeah, he can provide those thumpin bumpin beats. I can hear the Chicago House Music style influence in his songs. He is a master at working and hyping up the crowd into a dancing frenzy. Big ups!

3. MstrKrft
I love how they have no boundries between genres. They'll take a rock tune mix it up and make you dance to it. They are original and I enjoy being surprised at the songs they chose to remix.

4. Tortured Soul
I love that they play all their instruments and are gifted musicians, they have great voices and I love love love the lyrics to Fall in Love. It's a great, unique sound.

5. I'll let you know who number five is tomorrow.

What are your top 5 favorites of 2007?

Stay tuned House Kittens.
I hope your starting the new year 2008 on the right foot. Remember to put your arms out for balance. ;)

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