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Best of 2007 House Music Charts

Good Morning pumpkins, how are you today?

You know my site gets lots of blips when I put a chart up so since you really really seem to love them here is yet another music chart for you. This one is compiled by producer DJ Raul Rincon and these are his personal top 10 favorites of 2007.

Best of 2007 by Raul Rincon

1. Church Lady - Dennis Ferrer

2. I'm Not Afraid of The Future (DJ Fudge Dub) - Akabu

3. Me Kumba - Knee Deep

4. Season of Jack - Grant Nelson

5. I Thought That (DJ Rage Bassomatic Remix) - The Migrants

6. Survive - Jesse Garcia

7. Da Bump (Ame Original Remix) - Mr. V & Miss Patty

8. All Woman (No Dolls Remix) - Skwerl

9. In My Head (ATFC's Timmy's In My Head Mix) - Bionik Phunk

10. La Verdad ft. Jannet De Lara (Raul Rincon Vocal Dub) Raul Rincon & Coronabros

Remember charts are just opinions so use them as a guide to experiment with songs you may have never heard of. Now go form your own opinions.

Peace & Love

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