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The Glimmers ~ DJ's - Djing

What am I doing? Eating a reeses peanut butter cup. yum!
What am I listening to? The Glimmers.

It's getting late on a warm winter night and all I wanna do is listen to some good tunes. I was watching an interview with Lady Kier, formly of Deeelite, and she mentioned that she enjoys listening to these peeps so of course I had to check them out.

Who are The Glimmers?

The Glimmers are two dj's brought up in Belgium in an environment that exposed them to all genres of music. Right from the start of their djing career they played different genres for different crowds and the compilations they put out are no exception. They manage to mix twenty year old tracks next to todays tracks. Creating a timeless sound that doesn't get boring.

Have a listen you House Music Junkie, you know you can't resist that pretty little play button. Go ahead, I sure won't tell. ;)

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